At CrossFit Fortius East there are two basic fee types. Regardless of what you do you will pay based on how often you are able to come to class. There are monthly memberships and punch cards memberships.

Monthly Memberships
Can be started at anytime and will bill monthly dependent on the day you begin. These memberships are setup to auto bill every month. Like most CrossFit affiliates, your memberships affords you the ability to use the facility during scheduled class times, and scheduled “Open Gym” Periods, which our schedule has concurrent with Group Classes. Group Classes always take priority over Open Gym Athletes.



$ 149.00
  • CrossFit Levels 1-5, Olympic Weightlifting, Endurance, Open Gym, Skills Clinics and *Competitor/Level 5 Coaching


$ 129.00
  • First Responders, Military and Full Time Students (Proof Required ID or 12 or more Units)

3x Week

$ 129.00
  • ** CrossFit Levels 1-4

2x Week

$ 109.00
  • ** CrossFit Levels 1-4

Family Add On Rate

$ 89.00
  • all plans (Membership equal to primary member)

Weightlifting Open Gym Membership

$ 109.00
  • ** (Experienced Weightlifters)

Punch Cards:
Punch Cards are offered to “Experienced CrossFitters” with limited schedules. A 12- Visit Punch Card can be used in all programs offered at Fortius East and offers a flexible option. (90 Day Expiration) Punch Cards also Auto Bill upon usage of last visit or expiration unless written notice to cancel membership is received prior to billing.

Punch Card 12 Visits

$ 149.00
  • 90 Days expiration:(Includes all programs)

*Level 5 is ability and commitment based programming which requires head coaches approval.
**Specialty Classes (Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting, Skills) available for purchase to members with a limited 2x, 3x Week or Open Gym membership.
*** Cancellation Policy: 14 days notice to cancel in writing prior to next billing is required.
****$30.00 Enrollment Fee: All new memberships and family add-ons. (Added to first month of membership).

Drop ins and Extended Drop-Ins:
A Visitors Punch Card is offered in 2 Week Unlimited Visit Options. This is typically used by out of town visitors with CrossFit Experience allowing them to keep their priorities in order during respective Work, Leisure Trips in San Diego. This is not an option for NEW CrossFitters or New Olympic Lifters.

Single Person Drop In Fees:


Couples Drop In Fees:

1x $30.00
2x $40.00
3x $50.00
4x $70.00

2 Weeks Unlimited Drop Ins


per person